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We asked - they answered.  We talked with our clients about the top reasons they selected and have stayed with Advanced Industrial Coatings for their industrial or medical coating applications.  Here, in a nutshell, is what we found out:


Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose AIC


10.  Significant documentation and/or reporting requirements

​The AIC documentation system is unique in the industry, and we're recognized not only by our customers but also by other coaters for it.  The basis of the process includes custom set-up sheets, travelers and quality reporting, but we're able to handle additional documentation and reporting.  Our automotive and medical clients cite our documentations systems as a key reason they continue to choose AIC.


9.  Lean or just-in-time inventory needs

Although we appreciate advance scheduling, we are able to handle real-time fluctuations in inventory requirements.  Many of our customers tell us that our on-demand expidited processing and inventory warehousing are critical to managing their supply chain complexities.  


8.  Ongoing audit requirements

As one of our customers has commented, we are able to pass initial audits with relative ease thanks to our stringent quality systems.  But ongoing quality measurement does't end there: our quality team works with many of our clients on annual and punctual audits as well.


7.  We have an automated line

AIC offers complete sandblasting and coating application services for prototypes, batches and long runs.  And many of our customers appreciate that we can handle both the detailed prototype work and the large volumes.  Our facility includes a conveyorized powder coating system with 4-stage iron phosphate washer, designed for production volumes from a few hundred parts up to a million or more.


6.  We have a control room for medical and scientific parts

AIC offers an environmentally climate controlled area for scientific applications and medical device coating services. Companies like Johnson & Johnson, GE Healthcare and Phillips Medical have all relied on the exceptional quality provided by Advanced Industrial Coatings.


5.  A better cost structure

Some of our clients stick with us because we offer the best quality-cost ratio they can fine.  And they've looked!  Sometimes it's the pricing, and sometimes it's the process.  We may be able to suggest a better coating or design a more efficient application process to reduce costs. We seek not just to give out low quotes, but to reduce overall costs in the long term.


4.  Engineering Expertise

Our operations and engineering departments are led by Dave Arney, founder and COO, a recognized industry leader in applications innovation, process development and quality improvement.  Many of our large manufacturering continue to to bring new projects to AIC because they rely on the engineering expertise Mr. Arney and our team can provide. 


3.  We're ISO Certified (Among Other Things)

The certifications we have obtained and renew regularly include: ISO 9001:2008, RoHS Certification, Copy Exact, Whitford Approved Quality Coater and DuPont Certified StarCoater℠.  Audits are conducted annually by internal management and by certified third party agencies to ensure ongoing compliance.


2.  Tried many coaters, it isn't working out

Many manufacturers turn to AIC after a part hasn't been successful with a number of other coaters.  Our attention to detail and our innovation in quality improvement sets us apart from most other major industrial coaters in the US.


1.  Quality requirements that have to be met, month after month, period.

Because AIC provides clients with innovative solutions to complex coating challenges, having a detailed, start-to-finish understanding of our clients' requirements​ is an essential policy. We develop specific coating strategies through the use of set-up sheets, flow charts, custom travelers, and FMEAs. Our workers are well-trained for every part, and receive detailed instructions for each coating project.  AIC is a quality-approved approved vendor for world-class manufacturers.  


Have a technical question or need more specific advice about what’s possible? Contact AIC’s COO Dave Arney at (866) 858-9881, or submit your question through the form on the AIC website.

The AIC Top Ten:  The Top Reasons Clients Rely on AIC
by AIC Staff Writers, June 2014

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