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Intech Services has recently released a remarkable new coating from DuPont: the first water-based, low VOC, easy-to-use coating with corrosion resistance of up to 3,000 salt spray hours.  The coating was designed for offshore, chemical processing and water treatment fasteners, but it’s generating buzz from many sectors.


The Corrosion Resistance

Intech had an independent testing service check out the corrosion resistance claims.  According to Intech, “fasteners were pretreated with electro plated zinc and applied in accordance with ASTM-B633- Class SC1 including a deposit of .3 mils. To improve adhesion of DuPont's topcoat, zinc phosphate was applied.”  The result?  Less than 15% red rust after 3,000 hours of salt spray.  Not everybody needs corrosion protection this tough, but if you’re working with parts that can always use better corrosion protection, this is a coating to look at.


The coating is specifically designed for carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, although it can be applied to a range of other substrates.  If you’re interested in how the coating performs without pretreatment, you should give Intech a call - their data shows excellent performance even without pretreatment, and their team can share that data with you and discuss potential performance for your particular application.  


The Rest

The additional features of this new coating are pretty impressive.  Some of the outstanding features are the lower VOC emissions than typical fastener coatings, the water clean up, higher flash dry and bake temperatures, and better resistance to UV exposure.  The wear resistance is right in line with what you can expect from other fastener coatings, and the coating offers a low coefficient of friction to reduce required torque.



Unsurprisingly, Intech is seeing a lot of interest in this coating - not only from water treatment, oil and gas and chemical treatment sectors, but also from other subsea and general fastener markets.  If you want to get your hands on it, or ask specific questions about your application, we suggest you call Intech, who will answer any technical questions in 24 hours (if they can’t answer them immediately).  They also have in-depth information on their site:



Bottom line: this is an excellent upgrade in terms of corrosion protection from DuPont, and worth checking out.

New Product Alert: Corrosion Resistant Coating from DuPont

by AIC Staff Writers, August 2013

The Essentials

New DuPont™Corrosion Resistant Coating.  Available next day from Intech Services.


Product Codes & Colors

857G-508 - Red

857G-018 - Blue

857G-575 - Yellow

857G-519 - Black

Quick Review

We did a few test runs of our own. Dave Arney, EVP, says “This is an excellent phenolic PTFE product. It sprays on nicely, and our guys found it easy to work with.  In terms of the corrosion resistance, the simplest way to get solid results is to apply 2 coats.  We did this, and the parts passed corrosion resistance tests with flying colors.”

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